Privacy Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy and Handling

SOGO Trading Co., Ltd. (Hereafter, it is said, 'Our company') recognizes that it is an important social mission of the enterprise to protect personal information appropriately as a business operator who handles personal information, and all employees including officers observe the law and regulations, and build and promote the compliance program concerning protection of personal information so that members can use our auction with peace of mind.

  • Our company clarifies the rule concerning the handling of personal information, and makes it known to an officer and all employees. We also request our business partners and other third parties to handle personal information strictly and manage it responsibly.
  • When we ask you to provide your personal information, we will notify you of the purpose of collection and use in advance, and ask you to provide it only after obtaining your consent. When the Company provides personal information to a third party, the Company will take appropriate measures to protect the personal information.
  • If a member requests the disclosure, correction, deletion, or suspension of use of personal information held by the company, the company will respond in good faith and within a reasonable period of time.
  • The Company will take reasonable and necessary preventive, safety and corrective measures against risks such as unauthorized access to, and loss, destruction, falsification or leakage of, personal information held by the Company.
  • In order to use personal information appropriately and to thoroughly protect it, the Company will review and continuously improve its compliance program as necessary in response to various changes in the environment, such as business conditions, social demands, and innovations in information technology. We will review and improve the compliance program continuously as necessary.

October 30, 2009
Sogo Corporation
President Ataru Inamura