Used Construction Machinery Auctions Covering Venue to Internet


Used Construction Machinery Auctions Covering Venue to Internet

SOGO Auction, a used construction machinery auction company, has been in business since the 1990s.In addition to parade auctions at venues such as Narita, Tomakomai, and Hakata, in recent years we have established a comprehensive auction system that includes Internet auctions and the integration of bidding at venues and online bidding.Even in the midst of the global corona disaster, we are supported by buyers from all over the world.

Auction Schedule


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SOGO Auction List

SOGO Auction is an auction site specializing in used construction machinery

  • 確実な販売Secure sales
  • 簡単な手続きSimple Procedure
  • 早い支払いFast Payment
  • より高値でAt a higher price

Stock list

The inventory held by SOGO Corporation will be introduced on the site, so if you see a product you are interested in, you can add it to your favorites list, or click on the 'Make an inquiry' button to send us an email inquiry.※Internet bidding is not available for stock lists.


Internet auction

There are two types of SOGO Internet auctions.

The system which allows members to register their desired bid price before the deadline of the tender auction, and the member who points to the highest price can win the auction.
Bid price information during the bidding period will be kept private.

Bid-up system
A general online auction system, similar to Yahoo! You can bid on a variety of products that are exhibited within a certain period of time.


Parade Auction
※Internet linkage

Parade auctions are held at our auction sites (Narita, Tomakomai, Hakata, etc.).
You can check the list of exhibits and photos of the exhibited machines online in advance. Within a certain period of time, the exhibitors display their products one by one, one after another. Bidding for other products is not allowed until the bidding for one product is completed.

You can bid not only at the venue, but also via the Internet.
We look forward to your participation.


Live Auction

All machines to be exhibited will be auctioned on an unreserved basis (sold out).
Bidding will be conducted only via the Internet, not at the auction site, but all machines will be video recorded so that you can participate in the auction as if you were at the auction site.

Venue and Yard Access Map

成田オークション会場​Narita Auction Site

Postal Code:289-1225
688-16 Okiwatashi, Sammu City,
Chiba, Japan
TEL 0475-89-3882  FAX 0475-89-3883
Google Map >

Bus schedule and accommodation information

苫小牧オークション会場Tomakomai Auction Site

Postal Code:059-1374
42-1 Harumi-cho, Tomakomai City,
Hokkaido, Japan
TEL 0144-82-7166  FAX 0144-82-7166
Google Map >

Bus schedule and accommodation information

博多オークション会場Hakata Auction Site

Postal Code:813-0019
FUKUOKA ISLAND-CITY 2-25-8 Minato-kashii, Higashi-ku,
Fukuoka City, Fukuoka, Japan
TEL 092-410-9316  FAX 092-410-9317
Google Map >

Bus schedule and accommodation information

神戸営業所Kobe Sales Office

Postal Code:651-2121
420-2 Mitani, Tamatsucho, Nishi-ku,
Kobe City, Hyogo, Japan
TEL 078-920-8258  FAX 078-914-0178
Google Map >

神戸営業所Nagara Yard

Postal Code:297-0234
730-1, Nagarayama, Nagara Machi,
Chosei Gun, Chiba, Japan
TEL -  FAX -
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