Want to consign the sale at auction

Those who want to consign the sale of their products at auction

At SOGO Corporation, we respond to the request of construction equipment owners who want to 'exhibit their own construction equipment at auctions!' We accept consignments of all types of construction machinery, including hydraulic excavators, tire loaders, and bulldozers. We accept consignments of hydraulic excavators, tire loaders, bulldozers, and all other types of construction equipment! Don't worry if your equipment is a little old or has a lot of operating hours.
Please feel free to contact us!

Apply for sale consignment

Flow of Auction Consignment

Please feel free to contact us first.
If you are calling by phone, please call 03-3643-3011.
If you are using a computer, please use the inquiry form.


Our staff will provide a detailed explanation of the auction to the
machine owners who contact us.
Of course, if requested, we can provide advice based on market


Please fill in the necessary information and the details of the
products you wish to exhibit on the Auction Rules and Regulations
and Application Form sent by us, and return them to us.


After confirming the required documents, we will contact the
consignor (machine owner) to confirm acceptance of the exhibition,
and the consignment contract will be concluded.


The machine owner is responsible for bringing the items to the
auction site at his/her own expense.


The staff will re-inspect the products.
If any defect is found in the consigned products as a result of the
inspection, the exhibition may be cancelled.


Now it's time for the auction to begin.


If the machine is successfully bid on by the buyer, the consignor
(machine owner) will receive the amount of money, minus fees and
other charges, in the designated account within three weeks from the
date of the auction.