Auction Outline

Basic Information


Application Form

Please read and understand TERMS OF BIDDING before registration. Registrated bidders are considered to be accepted those terms.
Fax the REGISTRATION FORM to Sogo Corporation. FAX: +81-3-3643-9922

Security deposit

A deposit of 500,000 yen must be transferred at least two days prior to the first day of the auction.
Refundable 2 days after Auction if no purchase.
Sogo Auction Members are not required to deposit.

Payee's account


Bidding Method

How to bid

1. You can bid through this site. Please Log-in.
* Bids by E- MAIL is NOT accepted.

Notification of successful bid

Auction result and Auction Invoice will be fax within 2 days.
Please transfer the funds to our designated bank account within one week.

Terms of Participation

All participants in the SOGO Auction shall abide by these Terms of Participation.
We reserve the right to modify these Terms of Participation as necessary.

Article 1 Eligibility

Bidders can attend Sogo Auction, if Sogo Corporation has granted you permission to join, and make the necessary deposit before Auction.
Necessary deposit is not needed for the Sogo Auction members. In order to be a member, your company must meet requirements as follows.
*Your company has been dealt with Sogo Corporation before, and Sogo Corporation has granted permission to your company.
Domestic and overseas business operators and individuals who have submitted
"1. Deposit of 500,000 yen", "2. Application form", "3. Business card", 1 to 3 and approved by SOGO Corporation.

Article 2 Warranty and Indemnity

The principle of auction requires bidders to inspect what you bid at auction yards.
There shall be no guarantees or warranties, expressed or implied, statutory or otherwise of any nature in respect of the items offered at auction.
Each and every item will be sold "as is, where is". The auctioneers (Sogo Corporation) shall not be liable for machines' damages or deteriorations from passage of time/change of weather.

Article 3 Bidding Method

As before the auctioneer (Sogo Corporation) can take bids only by fax with bid sheets. All payments are to be made in Japanese Yen. The consumption tax (5%) is not included.

Article 4 Conditions of Bidding

The bidder offering the highest bid accepted by the auctioneer shall be the purchaser of the offered item and no purchaser shall retract his bid. In case more than 2 bidders offer the highest bids, purchaser will be decided by lots.

Article 5 Payment

Auction invoice will be sent to the purchasers. All payments must be made to auctioneers by telegraphic transfer directly to the auctioneer's bank account within a week. After auction, no cancellation can be acceptable in any purchasers. In the event purchasers fall to pay 100% amount within a week after the auction day, the purchasers shall be required to pay Sogo Corporation immediately 20% of purchase price as penalty by legal procedure.

Article 6 Delivery

After full payment has been made and confirmed, the purchase items can be removed or sent. All purchase items must be removed from the auction site within 3 weeks or a storage fee may be applied.

Article 7 Governing Law

The terms shall be governed by and interpreted under the laws of, and action hereunder shall be commenced in Japan.

Article 8 Consultation

If at any time there may be dispute over bidding, the purchaser and the auctioneer will negotiate and settle.

Venue and Yard Access Map

成田オークション会場Narita Auction Site

Postal Code:289-1225
688-16 Okiwatashi, Sammu City,
Chiba, Japan
TEL: 0475-89-3882  FAX: 0475-89-3883
Google Map >

Bus schedule and accommodation information

苫小牧オークション会場Tomakomai Auction Site

Postal Code:059-1374
42-1 Harumicho, Tomakomai City,
Hokkaido, Japan
TEL: 0144-82-7166  FAX: 0144-82-7166
Google Map >

Bus schedule and accommodation information

博多オークション会場Hakata Auction Site

Postal Code:813-0019
FUKUOKA ISLAND-CITY 2-25-8 Minato-kashii, Higashi-ku,
Fukuoka City, Fukuoka, Japan
TEL: 092-410-9316  FAX: 092-410-9317
Google Map >

Bus schedule and accommodation information

神戸営業所Kobe Sales Office

Postal Code:651-2121
420-2 Mitani, Tamatsucho, Nishi-ku,
Kobe City, Hyogo, Japan
TEL: 078-920-8258  FAX: 078-914-0178
Google Map >

神戸営業所Nagara Yard

Postal Code:297-0234
730-1, Nagarayama, Nagara Machi,
Chosei Gun, Chiba, Japan
TEL -  FAX -
Google Map >