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Inspection & report of radiation dose

All equipments at the auction site shall be detected by our geiger counter &
their radiation dose must be confirmed under 0.3 micro Sv/h, when delivered to the yard.
Moreover, we will have all of them detected again by ¡Èan qualified inspection agency for official report¡É before the auction & all have to be PASSED(except non self-prpelled ones like attachments or generators) ¡ÈMeasurement Report¡É is available at ¡ï1,000 from us, if required for shipment.
However, some different number of dose might be found, if you check them again at the yard or at port or in destination of export, depending on the environment, detectors & part of machine to check, & passage of time.
The Auctioneers shall not be responsible for result of that detection or the criteria in an importing country.

Member Login is not required to attend Unreserved Parade Auction. To bid at the auction, the deposit procedure is required, unless you have "Member's Card".
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¡¡¡¡¡¡¢¨Start price is not minimum price or asking price, because this is Unreserved Auction without reserved price.
¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡They might be changed on auction days without notice.
¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡Please be reminded that negotiation or retail sales of the auction equipments is not possible¡¡before the auction.
¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡All on the list shall be sold at live auction in Narita on auction sales days.
1008 HITACHI¡¿EX60-5 S/N=52711 HAKATA
Year¡á1998  Hour¡á8608  600G. A/C. 10m Super Long. Slope Bucket. Multi.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
Start price¡¡\1,500,000
1013 KOBELCO¡¿SK115SR-1ES S/N=YV04-03569 HAKATA
Year¡á2006  Hour¡á4692  500G W/Pads. A/C. Arm-Crane. Multi. EPA.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
Start price¡¡\2,500,000
1014 KOMATSU¡¿PC128US-2E1 S/N=11411 HAKATA
Year¡á2006  Hour¡á5844  500G. A/C. Multi. EPA.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
Start price¡¡\2,200,000
1015 KUBOTA¡¿K-135US S/N=75768 HAKATA
Year¡á2007  Hour¡á5411  500G. A/C. Piped. Multi. EPA.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
Start price¡¡\2,800,000
1016 KOMATSU¡¿PC120-3 S/N=18794 HAKATA
Year¡á1984  Hour¡á4927(Error)  500G. Heater. COM-Piped. ¡¡¢¨Download Photos
Start price¡¡\800,000
1017 HITACHI¡¿EX200-2 S/N=74274 HAKATA
Year¡á1993  Hour¡á10964Stop  600G. Heater & Cooler.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
Start price¡¡\2,200,000
1018 HITACHI¡¿EX200LC-5 S/N=01815 HAKATA
Year¡á1995  Hour¡áNIL  600G W/Pads. A/C. COM-Piped. Slide Arm. Slope Bucket. Multi.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
Start price¡¡\2,800,000
1019 KOBELCO¡¿SK200SR-1S S/N=YB04-02515 HAKATA
Year¡á2007  Hour¡á7507  600G. A/C. Arm-Crane. Multi.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
Start price¡¡\2,200,000
1020 KOMATSU¡¿PC200-8 S/N=305300 HAKATA
Year¡á2006  Hour¡á9618  600G. A/C. COM-Piped. Multi. EPA.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
Start price¡¡\4,800,000
1032 IHI¡¿80NX-3 S/N=WK001086 HAKATA
Year¡á2005  Hour¡á5515  450G W/Pads. CNP. COM-Piped. EPA.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
Start price¡¡\700,000
1037 HITACHI¡¿EX120-3 S/N=12V-42557 HAKATA
Year¡á1994  Hour¡á9278  500G. A/C. COM-Piped. W/JEC Crusher NK40S. Cutter & Slope Bucket as spare. Multi. ¡¡¢¨Download Photos
Start price¡¡\1,800,000
1038 HITACHI¡¿ZX135US S/N=66843 HAKATA
Year¡á2004  Hour¡á9323  500G. A/C. COM-Piped. Multi. EPA.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
Start price¡¡\2,500,000
1039 KOBELCO¡¿SK120-3 S/N=LP-15406 HAKATA
Year¡á1999  Hour¡á9225  500G. A/C. ¡¡¢¨Download Photos
Start price¡¡\1,500,000
1040 KOMATSU¡¿PC128UU-2E0 S/N=6200 HAKATA
Year¡á2004  Hour¡á7303  500G W/Pads. A/C. Arm-Crane. Multi. EPA. ¡¡¢¨Download Photos
Start price¡¡\1,500,000
1041 CAT¡¿321D S/N=KBH 00158 HAKATA
Year¡á2008  Hour¡á5436  600G. A/C. EPA.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
Start price¡¡\2,100,000
1042 HITACHI¡¿ZX200 S/N=112694 HAKATA
Year¡á2004  Hour¡á10824  600G. A/C. EPA.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
Start price¡¡\4,500,000
1043 KOMATSU¡¿PC200-8 S/N=306426 HAKATA
Year¡á2006  Hour¡á8741  600G. A/C. COM-Piped. Multi. EPA.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
Start price¡¡\4,800,000
1044 KOMATSU¡¿PC228US-3 S/N=20784 HAKATA
Year¡á2002  Hour¡á7898  600G. A/C. Arm-Crane. Multi. EPA.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
Start price¡¡\2,500,000
1066 HITACHI¡¿EX75UR-5 S/N=21570 HAKATA
Year¡á2000  Hour¡á10954Stop  400Road-Liner. Piped. Slope Bucket.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
Start price¡¡\800,000
1071 HITACHI¡¿ZX135US-E S/N=69823 HAKATA
Year¡á2005  Hour¡á5499  500G. A/C. Arm-Crane. EPA.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
Start price¡¡\2,500,000
1072 SUMITOMO¡¿SH125X-3 S/N=1444 HAKATA
Year¡á2003  Hour¡á8628  500G W/Pads. A/C. Blade. Multi.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
Start price¡¡\2,100,000
1073 KOMATSU¡¿PC130-6E S/N=053090 HAKATA
Year¡á2002  Hour¡á14986  500G. A/C. Stranger Bucket. Multi-Piped. EPA.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
Start price¡¡\2,100,000
1074 IHI¡¿120J (SH120) S/N=120A1-2705 HAKATA
Year¡á1994  Hour¡á7631  500G. A/C. Multi-Piped. ¡¡¢¨Download Photos
Start price¡¡\1,500,000
1075 KOBELCO¡¿SK200SR S/N=YB01-01493 HAKATA
Year¡á2003  Hour¡á9474  600G. A/C. Arm-Crane. Multi.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
Start price¡¡\2,100,000
1076 HITACHI¡¿ZX225US-3 S/N=215101 HAKATA
Year¡á2010  Hour¡á7042  600G. A/C. Arm-Crane(Error). Multi. EPA.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
Start price¡¡\4,100,000
1077 SUMITOMO¡¿SH200A5 S/N=1131 HAKATA
Year¡á2006  Hour¡á8327  600G. A/C. Multi.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
Start price¡¡\4,500,000
1078 KOMATSU¡¿PC200-8 S/N=301050 HAKATA
Year¡á2006  Hour¡á9262  600G. A/C. COM-Piped. Multi. EPA.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
Start price¡¡\4,800,000
Year¡á1993  Hour¡á7465  450R. CAB. Heater.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
Start price¡¡\300,000
1099 KOMATSU¡¿PC78US-6N0 S/N=10905 HAKATA
Year¡á2006  Hour¡á8000  450G. A/C. EPA.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
Start price¡¡\1,500,000
1104 HITACHI¡¿UH04-5 S/N=153-13200 HAKATA
Year¡á1983  Hour¡á5174  500G. Heater. ¡¡¢¨Download Photos
Start price¡¡\500,000
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