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Consign your machineries to SOGO Auction.
Please feel free to contact us about your machineries even if the machineries manufacture year is old, or high working hours.

Flow of Auction Consignment

1 Please contact us.
Tell +81-3-3643-3011 or click "Inquiry"
2 We explain what SOGO Auction is.
If necessary, we advise our ideas which are based on updated market.
3 Please read and understand "Terms of Consignment", and fill up all the necessaries on "Consignment Form".
And FAX to us. +81-3-3643-9922.
4 We inform the acceptance of your consignment after checking.
5 Please deliver the items to SOGO Auction Yard.
(The transportation cost is on your side.)
6 SOGO stuff re-inspect the items.
※In case the items would require some repair, we would ask the consignor for it, or order repair shops.
7 SOGO Auction starts!
8 8. The amount deducted commission will be remitted to your bank account in three weeks after the auction if your machineries are sold.

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