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How to Bid

Bidders need registration at first. Please read and confirm the °»Terms°… and °…Personal Information Protection°… before registration.
Registration Form

Bid Cancellation

No bid cancellation can be acceptable. In the event of an unavoidable cancellation, bidders will be required for penalty.

Deposit requirement

Deposit is required to register. (Deposit is not needed for the Parade Auction members.)


After full payment has been made and confirmed, items can be removed.

Inland Transportation and Dismantle Cost

Inland Transportation and Dismantle Cost will be for Purchasers. Each and every item shall be sold °»as-is, where-is.°…
Reference: Inland Transportation Cost, Dismantling Cost
Some items are required to dismantle, according to Japanese Transportation Regulations.
Example: D6 class, 30ton size excavators or bigger size

How to Ship

Shipping Charge is for purchasers. You can also ask our shipping agent "BAY TRAIL JAPAN" in order to check the shipping handling charges to your destination port.

Consignment (How to sell your machines at our auction)

Please check our "Consignment Page".
Please read and understand the "Consignment Terms" before you consign. Print out the "Application Form" for Consignment, fill up all the necessaries, and fax to Sogo Corporation.

What cannot be consigned to us?

Please refer the "Consignment Terms".

Necessity of moving machinery

Auction Items must be carried into our yard before auction.

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