Unreserved Parade Auction

Machinery List

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Inspection & report of radiation dose

All equipments at the auction site shall be detected by our geiger counter &
their radiation dose must be confirmed under 0.3 micro Sv/h, when delivered to the yard.
Moreover, we will have all of them detected again by “an qualified inspection agency for official report” before the auction & all have to be PASSED(except non self-prpelled ones like attachments or generators) “Measurement Report” is available at ¥1,000 from us, if required for shipment.
However, some different number of dose might be found, if you check them again at the yard or at port or in destination of export, depending on the environment, detectors & part of machine to check, & passage of time.
The Auctioneers shall not be responsible for result of that detection or the criteria in an importing country.

Member Login is not required to attend Unreserved Parade Auction. To bid at the auction, the deposit procedure is required, unless you have "Member's Card".
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   ※Start price is not minimum price or asking price, because this is Unreserved Auction without reserved price.
    They might be changed on auction days without notice.
    Please be reminded that negotiation or retail sales of the auction equipments is not possible before the auction.
    All on the list shall be sold at live auction in Narita on auction sales days.
1001 HITACHI / ZX10U-2  10901 HAKATA
Year: 2010   Hour: 2103
180R. EPA. ※Download Photos
Start price 
1002 YANMAR / VIO20  01253B HAKATA
Year: 1994   Hour: 3079
220R. CNP.  ※Download Photos
Start price 
1003 KUBOTA / K-030  10460 HAKATA
Year: 1993   Hour: 3281Stop
300R. CNP.  ※Download Photos
Start price 
1004 KOMATSU / PC35MR-2  9722 HAKATA
Year: 2007   Hour: 3626
300G W/Pads. CNP. Arm-Crane. EPA. ※Download Photos
Start price 
1005 KOMATSU / PC40MR-2  12303 HAKATA
Year: 2007   Hour: 2480
400G. CNP. EPA. ※Download Photos
Start price 
1006 IHI / 40NX2  WG002376 HAKATA
Year: 2006   Hour: 3577
400G W/Pads. CNP. Piped. Multi. EPA.  ※Download Photos
Start price 
1007 YANMAR / B6-3A  36207B HAKATA
Year: 2002   Hour: 7231
400R. CNP. Offset. Blade. EPA. ※Download Photos
Start price 
1008 YANMAR / VIO70-2  20594B HAKATA
Year: 2001   Hour: 6118
450R. CNP. Arm-Crane. Multi. EPA.  ※Download Photos
Start price 
1009 KOMATSU / PC60-7C  59426 HAKATA
Year: 1993   Hour: 3822
500G. A/C(No Belt). COM-Piped. Blade. W/Breaker. STD Bucket as spare. Unable to parade due to Left Travel Motor Defect.  ※Download Photos
Start price 
1010 YANMAR / V2-2  20659 HAKATA
Year: 1996   Hour: 1673
CNP. Tire : 10-16.5. ※Download Photos
Start price 
1011 KOMATSU / WA50-3  21110 HAKATA
Year: 1997   Hour: 4600
CNP. Tire : 15.5/60-18. ※Download Photos
Start price 
1012 CAT / 910  80U 1906 HAKATA
Year: 1974   Hour: Unknown
CNP. Tire : 12.00-24.  ※Download Photos
Start price 
1013 KOMATSU / PC120-6ZE  58408 HAKATA
Year: 1997   Hour: 6333
500G. A/C.  ※Download Photos
Start price 
1014 KOMATSU / PC128US-2E1  10943 HAKATA
Year: 2006   Hour: 10578
500G W/Pads. A/C. Arm-Crane. Multi. EPA. ※Download Photos
Start price 
1015 CAT / 311CU  CLK 02171 HAKATA
Year: 2003   Hour: 1931+2244
500G. A/C. Multi. COM-Piped. ※Download Photos
Start price 
1016 HITACHI / EX200-5  86011 HAKATA
Year: 1997   Hour: 7171Stop
600G. A/C(No Belt). COM-Piped. ※Download Photos
Start price 
1017 KOBELCO / SK200SR-1S  YB04-02548 HAKATA
Year: 2007   Hour: 6838
600G. A/C. Arm-Crane. Multi. ※Download Photos
Start price 
1018 KOMATSU / PC200-8N1  312781 HAKATA
Year: 2008   Hour: 9794
600G. A/C. Multi. Arm-Crane. EPA. ※Download Photos
Start price 
1019 SAKAI / TW350-1  10524 HAKATA
Year: 2000   Hour: 2062
2.45t Combined Roller.  ※Download Photos
Start price 
1020 SAKAI / TW502  10381 HAKATA
Year: 2006   Hour: 2623
4t Combined Roller. ※Download Photos
Start price 
1021 SAKAI / T2  TTS4-20437 HAKATA
Year: 1989   Hour: 1423
12845km. CNP.  ※Download Photos
Start price 
1022 MITSUBISHI / FD20  F18-03291 HAKATA
Year: 1981   Hour: 554
CNP. 3.0m View Mast. Fork : 900mm. D/D. ※Download Photos
Start price 
1023 MITSUBISHI / FD25D  F18C-70191 HAKATA
Year: 2008   Hour: 6470
CNP. 3.0m View Mast. Fork : 1050mm. D/D. ※Download Photos
Start price 
1024 MITSUBISHI / FD30T  F14E-12175 HAKATA
Year: 2012   Hour: 6465
CNP. 3.0m View Mast. Full Free Mast. Fork: 1500mm. P/S.  ※Download Photos
Start price 
Year: 2010   Hour: 5472
CNP. 3.0m View Mast. Fork Positioner : 2000m(With Suck). P/S. ※Download Photos
Start price 
1026 ISUZU / KK-NKR66EAV  7568125 HAKATA
Year: 2002   Hour: Unknown
86747km. W/High-Pressure Washing Truck(SHINSHO SJD-1439SDS 2.082HRS). A/C.  ※Download Photos
Start price 
Year: 1995   Hour: NIL
136549km. A/C. H-Type. Chassis : NISSAN KC-LK211BN-00005. Hook : 4.9t. ※Download Photos
Start price 
1028 MITSUBISHI / U-FV416JD  731154 HAKATA
Year: 1991   Hour: NIL
284826km. 8.25t Dump. A/C.  ※Download Photos
Start price 
1029 YANMAR / C12R-A  23628C HAKATA
Year: 2007   Hour: 1117
230R. EPA.  ※Download Photos
Start price 
1030 YANMAR / C30R-2  21717C HAKATA
Year: 2008   Hour: 2649
320R. CNP. Vessel Modification. EPA. ※Download Photos
Start price 
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