Unreserved Parade Auction

Machinery List

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Inspection & report of radiation dose

All equipments at the auction site shall be detected by our geiger counter &
their radiation dose must be confirmed under 0.3 micro Sv/h, when delivered to the yard.
Moreover, we will have all of them detected again by “an qualified inspection agency for official report” before the auction & all have to be PASSED(except non self-prpelled ones like attachments or generators) “Measurement Report” is available at ¥1,000 from us, if required for shipment.
However, some different number of dose might be found, if you check them again at the yard or at port or in destination of export, depending on the environment, detectors & part of machine to check, & passage of time.
The Auctioneers shall not be responsible for result of that detection or the criteria in an importing country.

Member Login is not required to attend Unreserved Parade Auction. To bid at the auction, the deposit procedure is required, unless you have "Member's Card".
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   ※Start price is not minimum price or asking price, because this is Unreserved Auction without reserved price.
    They might be changed on auction days without notice.
    Please be reminded that negotiation or retail sales of the auction equipments is not possible before the auction.
    All on the list shall be sold at live auction in Narita on auction sales days.
344 SAKAI / TW500W-1  20154 NARITA
Year: 1998   Hour: 3976
3.6t Combined Roller.  ※Download Photos
Start price \800,000
345 SAKAI / TW352  10413 NARITA
Year: 2006   Hour: 2970
2.7t Combined Roller. EPA. ※Download Photos
Start price \700,000
346 SAKAI / TW500-1  10113 NARITA
Year: 1998   Hour: 4071
3.6t Combined Roller.  ※Download Photos
Start price \800,000
385 SAKAI / TW500-1  20570 NARITA
Year: 1999   Hour: 2964
3.6t Combined Roller.  ※Download Photos
Start price \800,000
386 SAKAI / TW502  10571 NARITA
Year: 2006   Hour: 2728
3.6t Combined Roller. ※Download Photos
Start price \1,100,000
448 SAKAI / TW500W-1  21525 NARITA
Year: 2003   Hour: 5819
4t Combined Roller. ※Download Photos
Start price \800,000
449 BOMAG / BW211D-4  101583091691 NARITA
Year: 2012   Hour: 3495
11.0t Combined Roller. ROPS-CAB. A/C. EPA.  ※Download Photos
Start price \4,500,000
479 SAKAI / TW500W-1  20961 NARITA
Year: 2001   Hour: 3551
4t Combined Roller. ※Download Photos
Start price \800,000
495 SAKAI / TW350-1  10921 NARITA
Year: 2003   Hour: 1881
2.45t Combined Roller.  ※Download Photos
Start price \500,000
496 SUMITOMO / HW41VW-2  0372 NARITA
Year: 1996   Hour: 2663
3.67t Combined Roller.  ※Download Photos
Start price \400,000
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