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Inspection & report of radiation dose

All equipments at the auction site shall be detected by our geiger counter &
their radiation dose must be confirmed under 0.3 micro Sv/h, when delivered to the yard.
Moreover, we will have all of them detected again by ¡Èan qualified inspection agency for official report¡É before the auction & all have to be PASSED(except non self-prpelled ones like attachments or generators) ¡ÈMeasurement Report¡É is available at ¡ï1,000 from us, if required for shipment.
However, some different number of dose might be found, if you check them again at the yard or at port or in destination of export, depending on the environment, detectors & part of machine to check, & passage of time.
The Auctioneers shall not be responsible for result of that detection or the criteria in an importing country.

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Unreserved Parade Auction¡äwheel loader

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- CAT¡¿901B S/N=W7B 01260 NARITA
Year¡á2009  Hour¡á1089  CAB. Heater. Tire : 12.5/70-16.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
- CAT¡¿901B S/N=W7B 02092 NARITA
Year¡á2011  Hour¡á731  CAB. Heater. Tire : 12.5/70-16.¡¡
- CAT¡¿903B S/N=W8D 00532 NARITA
Year¡á2008  Hour¡á7987  CNP. Tire : 15.5/60-18.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
- CAT¡¿910 S/N=40Y 06313 NARITA
Year¡á  Hour¡á  ¡¡¢¨Download Photos
- CAT¡¿910E S/N=1YK 00650 NARITA
Year¡á1991  Hour¡á2215  CNP. Tire : 16.9-24.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
- CAT¡¿910F S/N=1YK 02582 NARITA
Year¡á1995  Hour¡á6206  CAB. A/C. Tire : 16.9-24. ¡¡¢¨Download Photos
Year¡á1990  Hour¡á3934  14324km. CNP. Tire : 16.9-24.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
Year¡á1997  Hour¡á5719  12525km. CAB. Heater. Tire : 17.5-25.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
Year¡á  Hour¡á  ¡¡¢¨Download Photos
Year¡á1990  Hour¡á1503  3806km. CNP. Tire : 17.5/65-20.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
Year¡á1990  Hour¡á3447  CNP. Tire : 15.5/70-18.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
- HITACHI¡¿LX50-7 S/N=F38-01811 NARITA
Year¡á2003  Hour¡á8537  CAB. A/C. Tire : 17.5/65-20.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
- HITACHI¡¿LX70 S/N=41C-00869 NARITA
Year¡á1991  Hour¡á5718  CAB. Heater. Tire : 16.9-24.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
- HITACHI¡¿ZW100 S/N=S59-02043 NARITA
Year¡á2013  Hour¡á9582  35198km. ROPS-CAB. A/C. Tire : 16.9-24.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
- HITACHI¡¿ZW30 S/N=S65-00393 NARITA
Year¡á2009  Hour¡á1213  ROPS-CAB. Heater. Tire : 12.5/70-16. EPA.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
- HITACHI¡¿ZW80 S/N=S68-00288 NARITA
Year¡á  Hour¡á13438  12135km. CNP. Tire : 17.5/65-20. 4PCS Tires as spare.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
- KOMATSU¡¿510 S/N=16985 NARITA
Year¡á1984  Hour¡á4024  12262km. CNP. Tire: 16.9-24. Shift Change: Malfunction. Parking Brake no good. ¡¡¢¨Download Photos
- KOMATSU¡¿510 S/N=11943 NARITA
Year¡á1978  Hour¡á3013  31793km. CNP. Tire : 16.9-24.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
- KOMATSU¡¿515 S/N=10191 NARITA
Year¡á1977  Hour¡á4447  7634km. CNP. Tire : 18.4-24.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
- KOMATSU¡¿WA100-1 S/N=32071 NARITA
Year¡á1989  Hour¡á4467  15189km. CAB. Heater. Tire : 16.9-24.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
- KOMATSU¡¿WA100-1 S/N=30070 NARITA
Year¡á1988  Hour¡á  ¡¡¢¨Download Photos
- KOMATSU¡¿WA100-3E S/N=54525 NARITA
Year¡á1999  Hour¡á2359  CNP. Tire : 16.9-24.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
- KOMATSU¡¿WA100-3E S/N=53434 NARITA
Year¡á1997  Hour¡á4884  CAB. Heater. Tire : 16.9-24.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
- KOMATSU¡¿WA100M-3 S/N=12181 NARITA
Year¡á2012  Hour¡á7483  CAB. A/C. Tire: 16.9-24. ¡¡¢¨Download Photos
- KOMATSU¡¿WA100M-3 S/N=12140 NARITA
Year¡á2010  Hour¡á5442  CAB. A/C. Tire : 16.9-24.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
- KOMATSU¡¿WA30-5 S/N=16799 NARITA
Year¡á1992  Hour¡á  ¡¡¢¨Download Photos
Year¡á1996  Hour¡á2474  CNP. Tire : 12.5/70-16.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
Year¡á2002  Hour¡á4199  CAB. Heater. Tire : 15.5/60-18. EPA.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
- KOMATSU¡¿WA50-1 S/N=10924 NARITA
Year¡á1988  Hour¡á2591  1247km. CNP. Tire : 17.5/65-20.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
- KOMATSU¡¿WA80-3 S/N=11245 NARITA
Year¡á2001  Hour¡á2253  CAB. A/C. Tire : 17.5/65-20.¡¡¢¨Download Photos
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