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Inspection & report of radiation dose

All equipments at the auction site shall be detected by our geiger counter &
their radiation dose must be confirmed under 0.3 micro Sv/h, when delivered to the yard.
Moreover, we will have all of them detected again by “an qualified inspection agency for official report” before the auction & all have to be PASSED(except non self-prpelled ones like attachments or generators) “Measurement Report” is available at ¥1,000 from us, if required for shipment.
However, some different number of dose might be found, if you check them again at the yard or at port or in destination of export, depending on the environment, detectors & part of machine to check, & passage of time.
The Auctioneers shall not be responsible for result of that detection or the criteria in an importing country.

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Year=1989  Hour=4630  CNP. 3.0m View Mast. Hinged Fork : 1600mm (W/Sack). Bucket as spare. D/D. ※Download Photos
030 TOYOTA/7FDJ35 S/N=21013 NARITA
Year=2005  Hour=12873  CNP. 3.0m View Mast. Hinged Fork : 1110mm. D/D. ※Download Photos
031 TOYOTA/40-3FD60 S/N=60919 NARITA
Year=1988  Hour=NIL  36231km. CNP. 3.0m View Mast. Fork Shift : 2180mm. P/S. ※Download Photos
032 TCM/FD80Z7 S/N=F41-00628 NARITA
Year=1989  Hour=2285  2625km. CNP. 3.0m View Mast. Hinged Fork : 1230mm. P/S. ※Download Photos
330 KOMATSU/FD30C-15 S/N=578912 NARITA
Year=2004  Hour=14602  CNP. 4.5m View Mast. Rotatable Palet Fork : 1480mm. D/D. ※Download Photos
331 TCM/FD40T2 S/N=F142-01320 NARITA
Year=2013  Hour=8832  CNP. 3.0m Mast. Hinged Fork : 1230mm. Solid Tires. P/S. ※Download Photos
332 TOYOTA/5FD80 S/N=12030 NARITA
Year=1996  Hour=7775  CNP. 3.7m View Mast. Hinged Fork : 1700mm (With Sack). P/S.  ※Download Photos
333 TOYOTA/4FDK150 S/N=10068 NARITA
Year=2006  Hour=14686  CAB. A/C. 4.5m View Mast. Fork : 2420mm. Side Shift & Fork Shift. P/S. ※Download Photos
377 TOYOTA/7FD35 S/N=7FDK40-10952 NARITA
Year=2000  Hour=11550  CNP. 4.0m View Mast. Rotatable Bale Clamp : 1360mm. Solid Tires. D/D. ※Download Photos
378 TOYOTA/5FD40 S/N=5FD45-14223 NARITA
Year=1991  Hour=3955  CNP. 3.0m View Mast. Fork : 1570mm. D/D. ※Download Photos
379 TCM/FHD135Z S/N=F53-01155 NARITA
Year=1996  Hour=168  873km. CNP. 3.0m View Mast. Side Shift Fork : 1500mm. P/S. ※Download Photos
425 TCM/FVD40Z2 S/N=F10-50240 NARITA
Year=1980  Hour=1304  CAB. Heater. 5.0m View Mast. Tire F : 7.50-16. R : 7.00R12. P/S. ※Download Photos
426 TCM/FD135-3 S/N=F53-03010 NARITA
Year=2003  Hour=39447  82130km. CAB. A/C. 4.5m View Mast. Fork : 2160mm. P/S. ※Download Photos
1028 TOYOTA/02-7FD20 S/N=27660 TOMAKOMAI
Year=2003  Hour=3974  CNP. 3.0m View Mast. Fork : 1060mm. P/S. ※Download Photos
1029 TOYOTA/40-7FG25 S/N=21464 TOMAKOMAI
Year=2003  Hour=17904  CNP. 4.5m View Mast. Fork : 1050mm. Propane Gas. D/D. ※Download Photos
1030 TCM/FA30D-J S/N=F105-00162 TOMAKOMAI
Year=2006  Hour=6492  CNP. 3.0m View Mast. Rotatable Fork : 1050mm. P/S. ※Download Photos
1031 KOMATSU/FD40T-10 S/N=136151 TOMAKOMAI
Year=2012  Hour=6546  CNP. 4.5m View Mast. Hinged Fork : 920mm. P/S. ※Download Photos
Year=1988  Hour=5623  CNP. 4.5m View Mast. Fork : 1140mm. D/D. ※Download Photos
1218 TOYOTA/02-6FD40 S/N=6FD45-11454 TOMAKOMAI
Year=1997  Hour=27601  CNP. Heater. 6m View Mast. Fork : 1060mm. P/S. ※Download Photos
1219 TCM/FD60-9 S/N=F115-00364 TOMAKOMAI
Year=2006  Hour=21692  CAB. Heater. 4.0m View Mast. Rotatable Fork : 1800mm. P/S. ※Download Photos
1258 TCM/FD20T3 S/N=F120-07604 TOMAKOMAI
Year=2008  Hour=5099  CAB. Heater. 3.0m View Mast. Fork : 1500mm. P/S. ※Download Photos
1259 TOYOYA/02-6FD25 S/N=35678 TOMAKOMAI
Year=1997  Hour=30949  CNP. 3m View Mast. Side Shift Fork : 1060mm. P/S. ※Download Photos
Year=1978  Hour=898  CNP. 3m Mast. Hinged Fork 1700mm. D/D.  ※Download Photos
Year=1981  Hour=NIL  27921km. CAB. Heater. 3.0m View Mast. Fork : 1220mm. P/S.  ※Download Photos
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