Unreserved Parade Auction

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Inspection & report of radiation dose

All equipments at the auction site shall be detected by our geiger counter &
their radiation dose must be confirmed under 0.3 micro Sv/h, when delivered to the yard.
Moreover, we will have all of them detected again by “an qualified inspection agency for official report” before the auction & all have to be PASSED(except non self-prpelled ones like attachments or generators) “Measurement Report” is available at ¥1,000 from us, if required for shipment.
However, some different number of dose might be found, if you check them again at the yard or at port or in destination of export, depending on the environment, detectors & part of machine to check, & passage of time.
The Auctioneers shall not be responsible for result of that detection or the criteria in an importing country.

Member Login is not required to attend Unreserved Parade Auction. To bid at the auction, the deposit procedure is required, unless you have "Member's Card".
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   ※Start price is not minimum price or asking price, because this is Unreserved Auction without reserved price.
    They might be changed on auction days without notice.
    Please be reminded that negotiation or retail sales of the auction equipments is not possible before the auction.
    All on the list shall be sold at live auction in Narita on auction sales days.
1021 KOMATSU/FD15H-15 S/N=230399 HAKATA
Year=1989  Hour=2047  CNP. 3.0m View Mast. 850mm Fork. D/D. ※Download Photos
Start price \100,000
1022 TCM/FD25T7 S/N=42L 00711 HAKATA
Year=2004  Hour=10120  CNP. 4m View Mast. 1.2m Fork. Solid Tires. P/S. ※Download Photos
Start price \300,000
1023 KOMATSU/FD35W-7 S/N=101786 HAKATA
Year=1999  Hour=22407  CNP. 4.0m View Mast. 1950mm Fork. Tire : F 7.50-16. R 7.00-12. D/D. ※Download Photos
Start price \500,000
1024 TCM/FD40T9 S/N=F106-00234 HAKATA
Year=2004  Hour=6581  CNP. 3.0m View Mast. 1600mm Hingd Fork. P/S. ※Download Photos
Start price \700,000
1053 TCM/FD15-T13 S/N=F134-01981 HAKATA
Year=2012  Hour=2387  CNP. 3.0m View Mast. 900mm Fork. Solid Tires. P/S. ※Download Photos
Start price \300,000
1054 TCM/FD30T6H S/N=F97-00244 HAKATA
Year=2002  Hour=9036  CNP. 3m View Mast. 1.05m Fork. P/S. ※Download Photos
Start price \300,000
1055 KOMATSU/FD35-2 S/N=82840 HAKATA
Year=1980  Hour=NIL  CNP. 3.0m View Mast. Fork 2000mm. P/S. ※Download Photos
Start price \200,000
1056 TCM/FD80-Z7 S/N=58000259 HAKATA
Year=1988  Hour=5660  6.270km. CAB. Heater. 4.0m View Mast. 1300mm Fork. P/S. ※Download Photos
Start price \1,100,000
1079 NICHIYU/FBT9PN-80-400M S/N=215E-00050 HAKATA
Year=2012  Hour=2551  Electric Fork. P/S. CNP. 4.0m View Mast (3 Stage Full free Mast). Fork 1050mm. ※Download Photos
Start price \200,000
1080 NISSAN/YG1F2A30 S/N=000113 HAKATA
Year=2007  Hour=14970  CNP. 3m View Mast. Fork 1050mm. Solid Tires. P/S. ※Download Photos
Start price \300,000
1081 TCM/FD35 Z6 S/N=F39-07047 HAKATA
Year=1991  Hour=8995Stop  CNP. 3.0m View Mast. Fork 1950mm. P/S. ※Download Photos
Start price \200,000
1082 TOYOTA/02-7FD40 S/N=70854 HAKATA
Year=2012  Hour=10906  CNP. 5.5m View Mast. 1200mm Fork. Solid Tires. D/D. ※Download Photos
Start price \800,000
1141 TCM/FD35T3S S/N=2Y 501136 HAKATA
Year=2011  Hour=5330  CNP. 3.0m View Mast. 1200mm Fork. Tire : F 250/15. R 6.50-10. P/S. ※Download Photos
Start price \500,000
1142 TOYOTA/20-5FD70 S/N=12167 HAKATA
Year=1997  Hour=7623  CNP. 3.0m View Mast. Fork 1.24m Over Hook. P/S. ※Download Photos
Start price \800,000
1184 TCM/FC70H-5 S/N=91F-00146 HAKATA
Year=2006  Hour=12441  CAB. A/C. 15300mm View Mast. Fork 5 Stacks Container Spreader. P/S. ※Download Photos
Start price \500,000
1185 TCM/FD30C6H S/N=39F 250 HAKATA
Year=2002  Hour=2935  CNP. 4.5m View Mast. DD. Fork 1.52m. ※Download Photos
Start price \300,000
043 TOYOTA/02-8FD25 S/N=69023 NARITA
Year=2018  Hour=0.7  CNP. 3.0m View Mast. 1520mm Fork. P/S. ※Download Photos
Start price \1,200,000
044 TCM/FD35C2 S/N=44A01111 NARITA
Year=2012  Hour=3664  CAB. A/C. 3.0m View Msst. Fork 2.1m. Solid Tires. D/D. ※Download Photos
Start price \300,000
Year=1999  Hour=9857  CNP. 2.415m View Mast. 1200mm Fork. P/S. ※Download Photos
Start price \300,000
046 KOMATSU/FD40W-7 S/N=103554 NARITA
Year=2001  Hour=NIL  CNP. 4.5m View Mast. Side sift. Palette Fork Clamp 2.08m. Solid Tire : F3.00-15/8.00 R 7.00-12. D/D. ※Download Photos
Start price \500,000
092 TOYOTA/02-8FD25 S/N=68975 NARITA
Year=2018  Hour=0.6  CNP. 3.0m View Mast. 1520mm Fork. P/S. ※Download Photos
Start price \1,200,000
093 TOYOTA/02-7FDJ35 S/N=19580 NARITA
Year=2004  Hour=13113  CNP. 3.0m View Mast. 1200mm W/ Rotatable Palette Fork. P/S.  ※Download Photos
Start price \500,000
Year=Unknown  Hour=6534  36.886km. CNP. 4.0m View Mast. Side Shift 1.2m. P/S. ※Download Photos
Start price \300,000
095 SUMITOMO/35-FD125P S/N=E007E02523V NARITA
Year=1998  Hour=1351  CNP. 3.75m View Mast. 2400mm Side Shift Fork. P/S. ※Download Photos
Start price \1,100,000
248 TOYOTA/02-8FDL20 S/N=A8FDL25-70434 NARITA
Year=2016  Hour=3  CNP. 3.0m View Mast. Fork 910mm. P/S. ※Download Photos
Start price \1,100,000
Year=1990  Hour=5159  CNP. 4.0m View Mast. 1070mm Side Shift. D/D. ※Download Photos
Start price \200,000
250 KOMATSU/FD30-10 S/N=235443 NARITA
Year=1988  Hour=11800  CNP. 3.0m View Mast. Fork 1210mm. P/S. ※Download Photos
Start price \200,000
325 TOYOTA/3FDE200 S/N=10052 NARITA
Year=2004  Hour=18835  CAB. A/C. 3.0m View Mast. 1800m Fork Shift. P/S. ※Download Photos
Start price \4,500,000
395 KOMATSU/FD25T-17 S/N=331175 NARITA
Year=2014  Hour=59  CNP. 3.0m View Mast. 910mm Hinged Fork. P/S. ※Download Photos
Start price \1,100,000
396 TOYOTA/02-8FD25 S/N=69042 NARITA
Year=2018  Hour=0.4  CNP. 3.0m View Mast. Fork : 1500mm. P/S. ※Download Photos
Start price \1,200,000
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